Love as we know it…

Love is a special feeling between people, it doesn’t matter if it’s between a man and a woman, a child and a parent, man to man, woman to woman, it could be between several people where they’d feel a special feeling within them.

Loving someone is such a great feeling specially if that someone also love’s you back the way you love him/her. But do you believe that people fall out of love because of someone better or whatever other reason’s they might have and just not doing it intentionally?

First of all, you choose who you love or care about. Second you are aware of your feeling’s they just don’t get there in your head/brain unconsciously. So never say that you just fell out of it, because what you really felt is you choose not to love that person anymore. You choose another or just be bitter with everyone else. LOL.

Love is kind, love knows no distance and etcetera…

One thing I know is that, when I love it would be unconditionally. But if someone I love keeps on hurting me, and do thing’s he knows I would be hurt then in time the patient and love cup I have will eventually overflow and I will choose to stop loving that person and choose to love myself more than I do him.

So choose who you Love wisely so that it would be a relationship you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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Love, Sex and Lust

How does these three relate to each other?

Hmmmm… Well for me I think they’re related in a sense that when you love someone, you get to have sex with him or her. And when you get sex at times you’ll really feel lust on you. So I think they’re related to each other.  lol..I don’t know what I’m talking about…OMG!

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Letting Go…But loving him still…

Falling in love with a hot guy and not feeling good about it is just not gonna work. My boyfriend is a basketball player. A varsity player when he was in high school and college. I just hate the feeling of being insecure. And I really don’t want to feel worried about anything. I do love him. But at times i just can’t help but think that he have another girl, or is dating another girl or girls… He is just too much for me to handle…I just want to forget about him and get on with my life.

He had so many lies to me, and i just knew about it because of my friends. I was so mad at him when I found out about it. Don’t worry he is not married. He lied about his name. OMG! I was so so so mad at him that time, I confronted him about it and he said he was sorry but after that I don’t know if I should still be believing in whatever he tells me about himself.

It was near Valentines day, and i asked him if he would buy flowers for his girlfriend. He said he would but then asked if his girlfriend wont mind if he buys him flowers. So I said what kind of girl would that be if he wont appreciate the flowers you’re gonna be giving her. On that weekend we decided to meet up and get a drink. I asked him again if he is gonna buy the flowers, he said his girlfriend might not like it, I said why not? He said because you’re my girlfriend and I’m going to give you the flowers you’re selling me. And I was like Oh what? I thought I am not your girlfriend, he told me before on text that I am his girlfriend but I thought it was just girl friend. Not a lover. but anyways, we talked about future and he said he will wait for me and I just don’t know if I could really do it. I wish he is gonna be my hubby but I think its just gonna be a dream. Oh rock! I wish i can really have you! I’d be so happy to have you forever.

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Holding on and Letting go

I’ve been holding on to a relationship that I know that will never have a guarantee that it will work out. We were friends for two years before we became lovers. It was all fun for the first two or three months. and after that it became complicated to handle. There are so many quotes I know about love. But none I ever manage to keep. I always try to hold on with our relationship, even if its the last thing i should be doing. Several months have passed again and still I’m trying to hold into the relationship I want to work out. It never is easy if you’re the only one holding on, while the other keeps on bragging about parting ways. He is mostly hot headed and high pride. I am always the one trying to make him calm and always patient to make things go as easy as it should be. Not until today that I realize I need to think about myself and to really let him go. It was never that easy. I cried and cried and cried because I don’t want to loose him but then it’s way too much. For two days we didn’t talked nor message each other. And when he texted me a message about love and friendship. I replied to him saying that I am thankful for everything he’ve done for me and for whatever reason i should be thankful about him. He told me he is going online so i said okay let’s chat and see each other on cam. At first I thought it was over for me crying but when I saw his face. I found myself crying. He calms me down but I don’t know why tears just fall that much. after 30 minutes we bid our goodbyes and then he called me and he cried. He said he was sorry to hurt me a lot of times and that he still love me so much and missed me a lot. I told him it’s okay I understand, I just have one favor to ask. Don’t leave me, even just as a friend.

For now we still constantly chat and talk on phone, it’s as if we are still on with each other. We still say I love you’s and I miss you’s to each other. He still calls me baby and i still call him that.  I  just hope that in time I will handle when he will really be gone not forever but as my loved one.

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Losing one of your dearest friends

When you loose someone so dear to you, you’re never sure of how you are going to react or what you should feel.

It was Sunday night when my cousin asked me if I have talked or been with our friend Sam last friday and saturday. I told my cousin no and asked her why she’s asking me that question. She said he has been missing since friday night. I said how come he’s been missing and his car is still where it has been parked since friday night. No one really have any idea how and where he might be.

Tuesday night I was at the mall with my friend joven, one of my cousin texted me that they have heard from the news that sam was being held kidnap-for-ransom. So it was like thank God he is alive and that it’s just a kidnap for ransom incident. I was at ease at that point of time.

T’was 9:00 o’clock in the evening and someone was knocking at the door, it was my cousin. I was calmly telling her that our cousin texted me that she heard from the radio that sam was kidnapped. She told me he was found in Iligan. I said is he okay and when is he coming back. She said, Yvonne and Lito (Sam’s brother) is at cosmo iligan now, I asked huh? what do you mean? “Sam is dead he was shot in the head.” I was like OMG (Oh My God!) I just couldnt believe that he is dead.

He was one of my best buddies. Even though he was a pest at times but I do appreciate his friendship and companion. I will never forget SAMSON HAO. He is a friend who will always be remembered. Thank you for everything Sam. We all love you so much. All the DC people wont forget how great you are and how you have marked our hearts. We hope that justice will prevail with your death.

Goodbye and may God Bless you!

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Being in love but not wanting it

Have you ever felt this way, where you are in love but then you don’t want to be in love?

I can’t stop thinking of him, I can’t sleep, can’t think of anything else but him. I don’t know why this is happening but one thing’s for sure, they call it “in Love”. Most people want this kind of feeling, because when you are in love you are happy. But I don’t want to be in love because I don’t want to for some personal reasons, I know I am but I want to stay away with that matter. I love him so much, but I still don’t know what will happen in the future. It’s something that is indescribable. I love being with him, doing stuff with him. But I don’t want to be in love with him. Maybe I am just insecure about everything.

I asked some of my colleagues about this and these are what they have advice and said about the topic:

Michelle said:

chelle go: yeah..because the person is not deserving for the love you feel for him
Gen: why do you think so?
chelle go: because he was not the right guy for me….
Gen: how did you know he wasnt the right guy for you?
chelle go: hmmm…let say that he can’t meet with the standard you have and loving him means that you will only hurt yourself
Gen: what standards?
: does love have standards?
chelle go: yeah for me..

I really didn’t get her point, but thanks anyways…

Penny and I had something though and here it is:

Gen: have you ever been inlove but you dont want to be inlove?
penny : ha??
Gen: just answer that question
Gen: im gonna put it on my blog
penny: does this question makes sense?
penny: joke
penny: lemme see
penny: nope
penny: the answer is nope
Gen: good for you
penny: never had that feeling though
penny: hahah
penny: but really, it doesn’t make sense
Gen: why?
penny: i dunno
penny: that’s just how i think it is
Gen: okay
penny: maybe you fell in love, but its with the wrong person
penny: maybe that’s it
penny: its like you’re loving a wrong person or something
penny: okay.. im blabbering.. enuff about this
penny: hahah i don’t make sense.. so ignore this!
penny: i’m just a bit fucked up
Gen: i am feeling this way now…
penny: ohhh i see
penny: hahah maybe that’s why you’re thinking such thoughts
penny: hahah
Gen: and i just dont know what to do
penny: ohh
penny: i see
Gen: i am so disturbed
Gen: i need advices
penny: what makes that guy not worth loving?
penny: really?
Gen: and everythings
Gen: i guess because he is too much for me
penny: ohhh i see
penny: you feel like you dont deserve the guy?
penny: or is it something else?
Gen: no its not that way…
penny: ohhh okay……….
Gen: he is this boy next door type..a varsity player in high school and college…
penny: ohh
penny: and?
Gen: he is good looking..
penny: and ?
: i am insecure
penny: what does his looks have to do with your feelings?
Gen: because i know guys like him just makes girls cry…
penny: really, what does his looks have to do with you being insecure and asking yourself if you deserve the guy
Gen: you know what i mean right?
penny: ohhh i see
penny: mmm just because of his “outer self” you generalize him as the
penny: person who will make girls cry?
Gen: i told him about this but then he just seems to ignore it…you know guys..
Gen: they will make you feel pretty and all
penny: ohh i see
penny: what about his personality?
penny: does his personality counts as a good boyfriend material?
penny: or does he have a shitty attitude
Gen: well one thing is that he lied to me about his name…though we have talked about it and settled things..but i think that is one factor that made me feel this way now
Gen: no he is some kinda having this shitty attitude though at times…
penny: okay.. first, lying i sbad
penny: is bad
penny: lying about his name may not be the only thing he’s hiding
penny: but he may also hide some other things from you
penny: ditch the guy
penny: really
penny: im telling you
penny: and if he does have an attitude problem, then he’s not worth it
penny: he may lie about his name, but he can lie to some other things
Gen: but the problem is i cant i love him so much already
penny: you get my point?
penny: you can’t love him?
Gen: i know that
penny: ahhh i see
Gen: no..i cant ditch him…because i love him so much already
penny: i see i get it
penny: well, so what’s keeping you from loving him if you already know the answer
Gen: we have talked about it..and he has apologized about it and meant it…
Gen: we did talked about serious stuff

penny: if you love the guy despite his attitude.. then go for it
Gen: i dont know
Gen: i want to stop thinking of him
penny: ohh then think of work
Gen: it will just ruin my day
penny: hahah
penny: den dont think of the guy
penny: hahah
penny: that’s plain easy!
penny: hahahha
Gen: its not that easy as you may think it is
Gen: come on penny..
penny: ok im just lighting up the mood
Gen: youve been there before
penny: haha okay
penny: really…
penny: if u like the guy that much then go for it
penny: no one’s stopping you
Gen: i know that..i am stopping myself though
penny: even if if i say you’ll ditch the guy with a bad-ass attitude (which i think he has) but i guess you’ll still like the guy
penny: so really
penny: go for it
Gen: okay..
penny: but here’s the thing: no regrets
Gen: well i just wish there is someway i can stop thinking of him
penny: dont regret if you made the decision
penny: oki doki?
penny: think of work
penny: hahaha
Gen: not work
Gen: other guys instead
Gen: anyways thanks penny…

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An easier life

By: Saar Genevive D. Udasco

Have you ever wondered how life can be easy? How life can be hard also? Well, I’ve been through these stages of life. I usually thought of my life as a hard one. I wasn’t even thinking of other aspects or find ways that would make my life easier than anyone else. But sadly, I am just like anyone else… I usually end up getting pessimistic.

People today are actually more exposed to negative influences in life; the ability to stay positive is critical not knowing that there’s an answer to solve these so-called “unending” hardships in our lives.

The solution is to have faith in God. That’s it. Simple as that. Before I never really believed that God is the answer to my problems, but when I started believing in His powers, my life started to change. I didn’t believe it could really change by just putting your trust on God. Believing in Him solved my problems. Sometimes, I can’t explain these events and just think of them as God’s grace.

There were instances that God answered my prayers when I had this very big problem in school. I was almost depressed. Still, I realized that things are easier if you’re going to ask God’s grace. So I prayed to God. After a week or two, my problem was solved, and I never forget to thank God with what he has blessed me, and asked for His forgiveness of all my wrongdoings. I believe that if you walk and abide by Him, then you will surely be on the right path.

One tip that I can offer is that you must always remember that you must fight in circumstances that you must face in. In every battle, you would always have an opportunity for a victory. And also, stay humble. Be humble and do things that would please Him. Surely, you’ll be surprised how He can do things in an easy way and turn your life around in a positive light.

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Last monday afternoon, I was in a hurry going to Graphic All-in Store when at the street of Agudo Road a mother carrying a baby with her other son ride on with the Motorela I was in. I was seated at the corner and the mom was infront of me carrying her baby. I was busy texting my friend Elva when the mom removed the cloth that covered the baby’s head. I was at then shocked but i didn’t show it to the mom because I don’t want to offend her! I know you are wondering why I was shocked but the baby’s face and head were deformed. I asked the mom “Mam, what happened to your baby?” She then replied, “She have Cerebral Palsy.” Seeing the baby was really frightening because of her face so much deformed, it was like seeing a monster on a movie. But I never showed my feelings towards her, instead I sympathized on the mom and the baby’s condition. I was asking the mom many things about the baby and all. And I also learned that they are poor, well it was actually obvious when you see how they are in person! I reached for the baby’s legs and caressed it and I saw a smile on the baby’s deformed face. At that time I was able to realize that I was so blessed that I am not like her (the baby) because if I would have been that baby I dont think I would have life at all! Things are for sure difficult for the family of that baby, especially that they have to go to the hospital once in a while for such check-ups and medications. I was really sad to see how the baby was and felt too bad about it! When I had to go I handed the mommy a little amount for additional funds for fares and stuff! I was happy to help in a little way and I’m sure if I were you, you would also feel the same way I did!

And more about the disease here’s what I got:

Many children with cerebral palsy have a congenital malformation of the brain, meaning that the malformation existed at birth and was not caused by factors occurring during the birthing process. Not all of these malformations can be seen by the physician, even with today’s most sophisticated scans, but when CP is recognized in a newborn, a congenital malformation is suspected. When a diagnosis of CP is made, the mother and father often feel guilty and wonder what they did to cause their child to have this disorder. While it is certainly true that good prenatal care is an essential part of preventing congenital problems, it must be stated that congenital problems, or “birth defects,” often occur even when the mother has strictly followed her physician’s advice in caring for herself and the developing infant. Though the causes of “birth defects” are usually unknown, we do know that the developing brain can be affected by several factors. When the fetus is exposed to certain chemicals or infections through the expectant mother, for example. The developing brain can be injured if the expectant

mother suffers severe physical trauma, the fetal brain can be injured, too, but this is rare. Finally, prematurity and a low birth weight have been shown to be related to an increased incidence of specific disorders. Many chemicals are known to adversely affect the developing brain, alcohol being the most commonly used. The term Fetal Alcohol Syndrome describes the long-term, multi-system effect of alcohol on a child whose mother abused alcohol during the pregnancy. When a fetus is exposed to large amounts of alcohol, several body systems, including the neurological system will almost certainly suffer damage. Cigarette smoking by the mother has been shown to decrease birth weight, and low birth weight is associated with several disorders, including cerebral palsy. Severe malnutrition in the mother can adversely affect brain growth in the fetus, and it, too, can result in a low birth weight. The use of cocaine or crack by the expectant mother is associated with blood vessel complications, and these complications affect many organs as well as the central nervous system. Cocaine use is increasing and thus becoming more prevalent as cause of brain damage in infants. Most infants whose mothers used cocaine during pregnancy develop mental retardation rather than cerebral palsy, however. Infections such as rubella (German measles), toxoplasmosis, and cytomegalovirus (CMV), ( if a woman has them during pregnancy), also may injure the brain of the fetus. Rubella can be prevented by immunization, prior to becoming pregnant, and the chances of becoming infected with toxoplasmosis can be minimized by not handling the feces of cats and by avoiding raw or uncooked meat.

Congenital infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV, the virus that causes AIDS) also causes brain damage in children, though it usually causes mental retardation rather than CP. It is likely that many other infections in the expectant mother injure the developing fetus, but they are not recognized as causative factors because the woman who has the infection either does not recognize the symptoms of infection or is symptom-free. Premature infants are at a much higher risk for developing cerebral palsy than full-term babies, and the risk increases as the birth weight decreases. Between 5 and 8 percent of infants weighing less than 1500 grams (3 pounds) at birth develop cerebral palsy, and infants weighing less than 1500 grams are 25 times more likely to develop cerebral palsy than infants who are born at full term weighing more than 2500 grams.

any premature infants suffer bleeding within the brain, called intraventricular hemorrhages, intracranial hemorrhages. Again, the highest frequency of hemorrhages is found in the babies with the lowest weight: the problem is rare in babies who weigh more than 2000 grams (4 pounds). This bleeding may damage the part of the brain that controls motor function and thereby lead to cerebral palsy. If the hemorrhage results in destruction of normal brain tissue (a condition called periventricular leukomalacia) and small cysts around the ventricles and in the motor region of the brain, then that infant is more likely to have CP than an infant with hemorrhages alone. Does prematurity “cause” cerebral palsy, or do some infants who are born prematurely have abnormal brains from the beginning, leading to their premature births? We do not know the answer to this question. (article taken from

I hope that you will also help in little ways for these people!

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Homosexuals or Homosexuality…

Before I end up to this topic..I had one about love, had a discussion with the people in sticky-night shift! but they were not serious about the topic i gaved them…instead i ended up with this HOMO topic of mine! I have always been curious about how the people in sticky think about homosexuals…

So the topic question was, “What do you think about homosexuals or homosexuality? First to answer was raffy and heres what he said:

RapIRaP: owwww
RapIRaP: that topic
Gen: yeah
RapIRaP: it’s bad
Gen: why is it bad?
RapIRaP: in the eyes of society
: and for you its bad also?
RapIRaP: bad
Gen: whats bad about it?
RapIRaP: as stated in accordance to God’s commandments
RapIRaP: no same gender must be attracted to each other
Gen: so you dont agree to that?
Gen: you dont have homo friends?
RapIRaP: i don’t
RapIRaP: i stronlgy disagree
Gen: so you choose youre friends?
RapIRaP: choose homo friends?
Gen: no
Gen: i mean you choose youre friends..
RapIRaP: yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that
Gen: with choosing your friends?
RapIRaP: ah, so u men is it ok to have homo frends?
RapIRaP: i get it
RapIRaP: i don’t choose friends
Gen: yeah?
RapIRaP: but if they’re obviously very gay…
RapIRaP: i’d rather not
RapIRaP: i’d rather have tomboy frends!!
Gen: i would never like tomboy but if in case i get to have them as friends then its okay as long as they dont court me or anything..
RapIRaP: hahahah
RapIRaP: yeah, maybe cuz ur a gurl
Gen: maybe

Next inline is wayne and this is his response:

wayne: okey, i believe homosexuality is not a disease.
: yeah
Gen: so what do you think about those people who dont like homosexuals?
wayne: i cant say that they have rights to disriminate homosexual BUT they should also put into consideration that homos are also humans,they have feelings. the saying ” dont do unto others what others dont want to do unto you” has a big significance with your topic.
Gen: okay!
Gen: You dont think that people who are involve in this kind of relationship are bad or sick?
wayne: i guess not. we all have rights to whom we want to cherish our life with. opposite sex or same sex ralationship doesnt matter as long as they do know whats the true definition of love. whats important is that they do follow whats inside there heart and not to pretend unlike some other people who pretend to be someone else which they are not, in so doing they can hurt themselves as well as there partner’s feelings.

While ryan had one thing on mind about this topic;

dr_ flaco: for me its just an activity of every partners or on a relation that they want to happen on a certain time.

David on the other side thinks theres nothing wrong with homos and have homo friends:

dave david: Hmmmmmmmmmm,
dave david: What is homosexuality?
Gen: sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one’s own sex.
dave david: Haaaaaaaa, ok.
Gen: so what do you think about it?
dave david: There’s nothing wrong being a homesexual.
Gen: hmmmm
dave david: Depends what place they are in.
Gen: even if raffy said its bad in the eyes of the society?
dave david: Yes.
dave david: And what’s being bad about homesexual?
dave david: They are people.
: so you have homo friends?
dave david: Yes.
Gen: good i do too. 🙂
Gen: im glad to hear that from you
dave david: Tomboy, bading, badingtomboy og tomboybading.
Gen: because some of the guys really dont agree with this homosexual things..
dave david: I have friends like that.
dave david: That’s they’re own openion.
Gen: well you’re right about that! I mean everyone has their own opinions and we have to respect that….
dave david: For me its ok to have 3rd sex in the community.
dave david: Is that all
Gen: well, would you consider having an affair to one then?
dave david: No.
Gen: why?
dave david: That cann’t be.
Gen: why? i thought homos for you are okay!
dave david: I like to have a children
dave david
: Yes, but for relation. That’s a different story.
dave david: I don’t want to get HIV/AIDS.
: oh okay! I get your point!
Gen: thanks for your time!
dave david: Ok, ok.

Elva and peter had confusing opinions about this!

elva: its normal
elva: we have preferences
elva: its not normal if you overdo it

Peter: If homosexuality is a sin, I would condemn the act but still love the homosexual.

What do you mean overdo it? lol..thats confusing… 🙂 I dont get it pete!

Mitch are you homo? lol..just kidding man! this is what mitch said:

MitchMatch: what is homosexuality gani?
Gen: Homosexuality – sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one’s own sex.
MitchMatch: ahhhh I see…
Gen: so what can you say about this topic mitch?
MitchMatch: Some individuals prefer to hide themselves, maybe because they were afraid that the society will not accept who they are or maybe they have good names to protect of…. and some who is brave enough, they show it and they even proud of it. My point is no matter who you are, what you do, where you come from… as long as you don’t harm someone and as long as you stick to the rule of Nature – “Obey your Thirst” is fine, go and have the right and place in this cruel world. hahahahaha!!! char! Go kapatid! wag kang bibitaw…!!! waaaaaaaaa!!

Penny on the other hand had her own comment:

penny: well..
penny: actually, homosexuality is really ok to me
penny: i mean, they dont really hurt me in a way
penny: and its a free country…
penny: and we have no right to discriminate them…
penny: they live their life like that
Gen: would you consider dating a homo?
penny: the society has no right to dictate how a person has to act….
penny: well, that’s a different story..
penny: although i respect them..
penny: and i even have homo friends
penny: but really, i wouldn’t consider dating them
penny: i know this may offend other people
penny: but that’s what i feel

penny: so as for tomboys..
penny: mmm…
penny: i dont know..
penny: i never really considered that
penny: sure, i sometimes admire girls..
penny: but not to the extent like dating them or something
Gen: how about in your most dirty dreams?
penny: so, really, no
penny: dirty dreams??
Gen: yeah
penny: ok gen… when i think of dirty dreams.. or naughty thoughts..
penny: i think of guys..
penny: ok…
penny: not girlss
Gen: okay!
penny: girls..
penny: is that all?
Gen: yeah
penny: any more questions??
Gen: no more pen..thanks for your opinion
penny Cunanan: thanks

I had the last say from Mr. Suplado and heres what this guy said:

Mr. Suplado: Homosexuality?
Mr. Suplado: as in gays and tomboys
Gen: yeah
Mr. Suplado: right
Mr. Suplado: I do believe that they are out there prawling the streets of cagayan de oro and also in our office
Gen: who are they? 🙂
Mr. Suplado: They are what I say the modern monsters in our society!!!
Gen: why?
: you dont like them huh!?
Mr. Suplado: They suck the very life blood of society…
Mr. Suplado: why you ask…
Mr. Suplado: hmm plainly because the ratio now between boys and girls is no longer the same…
Gen: now the ratio is 20:1
Gen: girl – boys
Mr. Suplado: yeah your correct
Gen: yeah i know
Mr. Suplado: and dont think that 20 is all girls
Mr. Suplado: most of that are hybrids to put it in a much discreet way
Gen: yeah right
Mr. Suplado: I do like gays and tomboys… but only as a friend at the most…
Gen: oh okaY!
Gen: you cant consider having a relationship with them?
Mr. Suplado: not the close friend, friend you can run to, a friend you can a friend… but only as a 1st level friend…
Gen: okay!
Gen: what if you have a close friend and you didnt know he was a homo..
Mr. Suplado: relationship? not in my greatest nightmare that’ll happen
Gen: would you reconsider it or not?
Mr. Suplado: We’ll he knows my left and right foot can reach his body… and definitely his head…
Mr. Suplado: If it comes to that… I’ll just respect him as a friend and no more than that though
Mr. Suplado: and totally hybrids are total funny when it comes to companionship… just dont do me and you wont feel the hardness of my…
Mr. Suplado: foot
Gen: foot kaha? 🙂
Mr. Suplado: foot long feet
Mr. Suplado: You’re just are dirty as I think you are… comfirms it…
Gen: was kidding
Mr. Suplado: hmph… got you
Gen: hahaha
Mr. Suplado: but you are aint yah!
Gen: na ah!
Mr. Suplado: any other opinion you like to squeeze out of me…
Mr. Suplado: hahahah… yah get that big guy a big kiss and he’ll go away
Gen: what do you think of those people who indulge in those kinds of relationships?
Mr. Suplado: I do leave them alone it’s none of my business to say: “FUck you filthy little whores get out of my sight before I sidekick your asses all over the street. You cockroaches! DAMN.”

He had a lot of talking which i enjoyed the most! 🙂

As far as my friends are concerned…I dont think of homo’s as a sin or what, they are like normal things for us… I actually have many homo friends… I never discriminate or thought of something bad for them! I actually admire pretty sexy girls…Even thought of maybe dating kidding… I dont know wether or not its good or bad… Because for me as long as everyones happy then im happy! 🙂 Nothing in this world can ever buy happiness from anyways…i hope you know what i mean! Being with someone you love even if you have the same sex relationship theres nothing wrong with that as long as none of you takes advantage of the other! You know like guys..who go for gays just to have money or what, and so for this gays…theyre too soft and kind to give their boyfriends what they want! They are afraid that they might loose them if they’re not gonna give them what they want! I hope those guys “rot in hell for all i care“… I love my homo friends…and i am happy with them! watch out boys..don’t mess up gonna hunt you down!

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The losing side I play

By: Saeyun


It’s been awhile since I last wrote a decent article.  The last time I wrote one was during Valentines Day. Okay, not quite that day. I think it was two days before that special day. I was writing a “love” article, but it’s nothing romantic, I tell you. I was simply stating a love that God gave us and why whine on not having a date when you can simply have one with Him. Believe me, it was one of the best articles that I wrote. Even my classmates commend me for it!


Anyway, I have to get away with that thought for a bit. And don’t worry, I am not going to dwell on that. Since most of the “Sticky Media” people read this blog, and I guess you guys figured it out about what happened with my previous relationship. To make myself feel better, I had to let it all out. Let’s just say, writing this one is kinda my therapy, okay? After all, this is a “love” blog, right?


At first, it was really okay for me to be friends with him. Although a lot of people warned me about staying away from him after what happened (you guys get the drift, right? But if not, then keep guessing), but in the end, I decided against it and still hang out with him.


I told myself that we’re friends now. Just friends. Every time we’re together, and even though we’re not a couple anymore, I kept reminding myself that we’re friends. I really told myself that it wouldn’t be so bad to be acquainted and be on good terms with your ex. After all, we’re all human. Everyone makes mistakes.


I had to eat my words a week later after our break up. I really thought I could move on, still keep in touch with him, and stay friends. How wrong I was when just yesterday, I finally cried in front of him. I swallowed my pride just because of what I felt, and showed him my vulnerable side. I finally asked him if there is a possibility that we can get back together. But sad to say, he didn’t acknowledge my feelings.


For a moment, I felt pitiful, ashamed, and a fool for acting that way. Why couldn’t I keep my mouth shut so that things would still be the same? Why did I utter those words in front of him when I know from the start we couldn’t really get back together? But it’s too late now. What’s done is done.


I know (or I just assumed that you know) that some of you may think I’m a foolish girl for being like this. Maybe one of you may say, “This girl really is a crazy for crying in front of the guy. That guy is not worth her tears.” Truthfully, I don’t have a defense on that. But I just want to let you know that I love him, or rather, I loved him. No matter how short our relationship was, but those moments were precious and meaningful to me.


I remember a good friend of mine saying that it doesn’t matter if that guy, or girl, didn’t love you back. What matters most is that you learned how to love a person, regardless if your love was returned or not. And you know what? I might actually agree on my friend. That person may never acknowledge my love, and he may never know how much he means to me. If he did, then he didn’t care a thing about it. But I never regretted loving him. After all, when you’re in love, you either win or lose. In my case, I lost.


I have been thinking lately about what I’m missing after the break-up. Maybe its time for me to get on with my life. I think it’s now right time for me to move on and pick up where I left off. I have to start once again and do things what I usually did before he barged into my life. And lastly, love myself.


Finally… finally! Tomorrow, I can face the new day with a smile and say “I’m free!”


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